Kanuka Oil 10v

100% pure essential Kanuka Oil

Kanuka Oil is an amazing natural oil with very powerful properties.

Essential oil of Kanuka is made by steam distillation of leaves and outer branches of the Kanuka Tree (Kunzea ericoides).

Our Kanuka Oil is wild crafted from sustainable harvest and free of chemical residues.

It is a 100% natural product.

It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and lends itself to a large range of external uses.

The main active ingredients in Kanuka Oil are alpha-pinene, eucalyptol and varidiflorene. The combination of these constituents make the oil

anti-bacterial     -     anti-viral     -     anti-fungal     -     anti-oxidant     -     anti-inflammatory.

Our wildcrafted Kanuka Oil contains a high percentage of alpha-pinene. We lab-test our oil on a regular basis to ensure only the best quality oil reaches our customers.

Kanuka Oil lends itself to a large variety of external medicinal and cosmetic uses. It can be applied to the skin diluted in a carrier oil or as part of a compress, it can be used as an inhalation or as an ingredient of massage oils. It is useful against fungal infections and cold sores. And due to its anti-inflammatory action it is also beneficial if rubbed into sore muscles and joints in form or a cream. Due to it’s light texture it can reach deep into tissue and act where it is needed.

– 100 % pure essential oil
– light texture
– wild crafted
– soothing for skin & body

– gentle
– multitude of uses

Additional information

Weight 38 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 65 mm

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