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Essential oil of Kanuka is an amazing natural resource that has a multitude of different uses.

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Kanuka Oil 10

100% pure essential oil of Kanuka

Kanuka oil (Kunzea ericoides oil) has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and lends itself to a large range of external uses.

It is gentle on your skin and has a light texture

Kanuka Balm 13

A gentle multi-purpose balm that heals and protects your skin.

It is in a ready-to-use small jar and fits in any pocket. Lip-balm, hand-balm, foot-balm. It soothes dry and irritated skin. Beneficial for eczema and prosiasis.

–  With high quality Kanuka Oil
– 100% natural
– Handy jar
– Carefully selected organic ingredients
– Ideal for all outdoor activities

Kanuka Balm 65

Following requests from many regular customers our popular balm is now also available in a large 65g stick.
Especially useful for larger areas of irritated, itchy or inflamed skin such as in eczema or psoriasis.
You can apply it directly without having to rub it in. Put it in the fridge and enjoy the cooling sensation on your skin.

– With high quality Kanuka Oil
– 100% natural
– Easy application
– Carefully selected gentle ingredients
– It soothes and protects

Kanuka Insect Repellent

After watching cattle, sheep and horses rubbing themselves on Kanuka branches and reading about Kakariki using Kanuka leaves to repel insects we formulated our all natural insect repellent.

Easy to apply roll-on, non-greasy soothing lotion

Tested in Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, the European Alps and New Zealand – including South Island!

– 100% natural
– free from DEET
– free from alcohol
– free from preservatives
– with gentle, organic almond oil


Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) belongs to the Myrtaceae family and may often be confused with the more famous Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) because of their similar habitat and appearance. Kanuka can grow into a tree up to 30 metres tall. The trunk and branches are usually clad in long, leathery strips of bark, rather than the short, papery, rather flaky brown bark typical of the tree forms of Manuka. Kanuka leaves feel soft to the touch, while Manuka leaves feel sharp and prickly. The flowers of this Kunzea ericoides are usually solitary but occur in clusters.

Recent research has confirmed that Kanuka is endemic to New Zealand. With the exception of Taranaki, Kanuka is common throughout lowland and mountain scrub and along forest margins of the North and South Islands from the Three Kings Islands to about Kawarau Gorge and Dunedin in Otago. It is not found naturally south of there. The species has a wide range of tolerances and has been found growing around active geothermal systems. It can be found from sea level to 1800 metres. It grows well on all soil types except waterlogged soils, and is tolerant of wind, drought and frost. Early settlers battled hard to clear their land and regarded Manuka and Kanuka as invasive shrubs that undid all of their hard work. Today however, these plants can act as an important tool for re-vegetating bare, eroded slopes.

By creating shade and shelter from the wind, they provide an excellent nursery for other, slower growing native plants. Then, as these other plants get taller, Manuka and Kanuka are overshaded and die off. Grazing animals do not eat Kanuka, but they can often be seen rubbing themselves against the trees. Perhaps they sense that the leaves contain an anti-irritant or natural insect repellent. New Zealand’s Kakariki parakeets use the leaves and bark of Manuka and Kanuka to rid themselves of parasites. Apart from ingesting the material, they also chew it, mix it with preen gland oil and apply it to their feather.

The hard, red wood of Manuka and Kanuka was widely used by Maori for everything from paddles, weapons, spade blades, bird spears and mauls to house building. The bark was used for making water containers and the inner bark as a waterproof layer for roofing. Maori have also used all parts of Kanuka in traditional healing for a variety of complaints. They used the bark, the leaves, the seeds and the gum. They did not know the art of distillation, but made infusions, decoctions, used poultices as well as adding it to a bath, in inhalations, made creams or applied parts of Kanuka directly. Traditional uses reported were gastro-intestinal complaints, wounds and bruises, chest infections, pain relief and to assist sleep. An alcoholic extract of Kanuka is used in modern herbal medicine for infection or inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, diarrhoea, herpes simplex as well as infections or inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Kanuka or Manuka – the differences


Kanuka and Manuka are also known as Tea Tree. This name originates from Captain Cook and his crew brewing the leaves to make a tea to prevent scurvy. The same applies to the well-known Australian Tea Tree with the botanical name Melaleuca alternifolia. Research shows all three have strong anti-microbial properties.

Manuka is famous for wonderful honey with strong antibacterial action. Essential oil of Manuka as well as blends of Manuka and Kanuka oils are also available on the world market. At Kanuka Oil NZ Ltd. we exclusively produce Kanuka Oil.

Our Kanuka Oil is wildcrafted on spray free properties and so is totally pure and free from harmful residues.


The main active ingredients in Kanuka oil are alpha-pinene, eucalyptol and varidiflorene. Kanuka Oil NZ’s Kanuka oil contains a high percentage of alpha-pinene. We lab-test our oil on a regular basis to ensure only good quality oil reaches our customers.

Due to those active ingredients essential oil of kanuka has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kanuka oil lends itself to a large variety of external medicinal uses. It can be applied to the skin diluted in a carrier oil or as part of a compress, it can be used as an inhalation or as an ingredient of massage oils.

It is useful against fungal infections and cold sores. And due to its anti-inflammatory action it is also beneficial if rubbed into sore muscles and joints in form or a cream.


Kanuka Oil NZ Ltd. is located just outside of Kuaotunu, a small village on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, on the North Island of New Zealand.

It’s a hilly and rugged region and large areas are covered in Kanuka trees. Kanuka is a close relative to the well-known Manuka that is famous for its honey.

Kanuka Oil NZ Ltd. turns this renewable resource into an environmentally sustainable business.


We have strict quality control measures in place. Our oil is lab tested on a regular basis and through batch numbers we can ensure everything is thoroughly documented.


There is a natural abundance of Kanuka growing in and around Kuaotunu and due to its vigorous growth we can harvest on a regular basis.

The oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves and terminal branches. We complete avoid harvest any flowering Kanuka in order not to take any food away from the honey bees.

We run an environmentally friendly operation, so some of our policies include minimising transport costs by combining deliveries, avoiding the use of pla stics, reducing waste, recycling etc..


.Essential oil of Kanuka is for external use only

.Pure essential oil must be diluted before use

.It is harmful when swallowed, If accidentally swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting, seek medical attention

.Keep out of reach of children

.Do not use essential oils on babies or toddlers as they are very sensitive to essential oils and can suffer life threatening cramps of the larynx (windpipe)

.Do not use Kanuka oil on cats. Felines cannot metabolise essential oils sufficiently and exposure to Kanuka oil can cause severe liver damage and death

.Like any essential oil Kanuka oil is flammable, please keep it away from open flames and do not heat

.Please always store pure Kanuka oil in dark glass bottles in a dark and and cool place



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Add a few drops of Kanuka oil to your face wash or shower gel. The anti-bacterial action helps with acne.


The scent of Kanuka oil is herbaceous with a hint of citrus. It can be used in Aromatherapy lamps or as a massage oil for Aromatherapy massage.
Its effects on the mind are relaxing and it has been said that it assists in decision making and clears the head.
Also helpful in the evening to assist sleep.
It mixes well with citrus oils.

Cold sores

Kanuka oil has anti-viral action – what could be easier to use then a lip balm on a cold sore ? Feel the tingle – use it straight away.


Kanuka oil has strong anti-bacterial action, so all products – the balm, the diluted oil and especially the insect repellent with it’s nice lemony scent – can be used as a deodorant.


The mild ingredients in our Kanuka balm are ideal to soothe inflamed, dry and itchy skin. The barrier action of the bees wax also assists the healing process.


Kanuka balm is a wonderful foot balm. Great for any sport or when hiking or just to treat dry rough skin.
I used it recently on a 4-day hike – simply put the balm on all the spots where blisters were possible – once in the morning and again in the evening – I had no blisters at all and my feet felt awesome.
Due to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal action it is very useful to prevent smelly shoes and socks as well.
And you can also simply put a few drops of essential Kanuka oil into your shoes after you take them off.

Fungal Infections

Great for athletes foot any other fungal infections.
Bath your feet or fingers in warm water with 10 drops of Kanuka oil.
Alternatively apply a compress drenched in Kanuka oil and water and leave overnight. Or use the ready-to-use balm.


Great to smoothe on rough hands after gardening or other hard handwork.


Place 3 to 5 drops of Kanuka oil in a large bowl and cover with boiling water.
Place a towel over your head and slowly breathe in the vapour. The inhalation dilates the bronchi, helpful for chest infections. Breathing in the vapour through your nose also helps clear sinus. – Do not us for babies and toddlers !

Insect Bites

Soothing on any insect bite. Reduce swelling and itching.
Either apply diluted Kanuka oil or use the read to use Kanuka balm.

Insect Repellent

There is nothing more to be said !
Use it be4 you get bitten !

Lice & Nuts

Recipe for shampoo:
1 cup of plain gentle soap flakes
1 tin of coconut milk
5mls Kanuka oil
1,5 cups warm water
In a 1 ltr bottle dissolve soap flakes in warm water, add coconut milk & kanuka oil. If there is space left in the bottle top up with more warm water. Shake before use. Apply just like normal shampoo. The coconut milk makes it very pleasant on the skin and works like a conditioner to untangle hair.
The mixture keeps in the fridge for about 2 weeks.


Wonderfully soothing balm, for chapped lips, when skiing or after a day in wind and sun. Due to its anti-viral properties it is also valuable to reduce cold sores. The perfect lip balm for any outdoor activity. It has a natural SPF, but re-apply frequently when in the sun.

Minor Burns

Small burns, like touching the iron or the oven can be treated with Kanuka balm or pure oil diluted in a carrier oil. Also useful for sunburn.

Nappy Rash

The balm is gentle on babies’ skin and the beeswax creates a barrier to reduce redness & inflammation. The anti-microbial action of the oil helps prevent infection. The cocoa butter and coconut oil in the balm soothe the skin. If you use cloth nappies add a few drops of Kanuka oil when you are soaking them.


Scaly and itchy skin can benefit from the application of Kanuka balm with its moisturizing and caIming action.

Scratches & grazes

Our Kanuka balm speeds up healing and is soothing on minor wounds. The anti-bacterial action helps prevent infection.

Sore muscles & joints

The anti-inflammatory action of Kanuka oil makes it a perfect massage oil for sore muscles or inflamed joints.
Mix a few drops of Kanuka oil into a base oil, such as sweet almond oil and massage in. You can also mix in other essential oils such as lavender oil for relaxation.
Kanuka oil goes deeply into the muscle tissue and can work where it’s needed.


The balm can easily be called a multi-use sports-balm

climbing & hiking,
running & cycling,
kayaking & sailing etc.

be it hands, feet or other stressed body parts that need soothing and protecting.


Light sunburn benefits from the soothing action of Kanuka balm.