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Kanuka Balm 13

A gentle multi-purpose balm that heals and protects your skin.

It is in a ready-to-use small jar and fits in any pocket. Lip-balm, hand-balm, foot-balm. It soothes dry and irritated skin. Beneficial for eczema and prosiasis.

–  With high quality Kanuka Oil
– 100% natural
– Handy jar
– Carefully selected organic ingredients
– Ideal for all outdoor activities

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Kanuka Oil 10

100% pure essential oil of Kanuka

Kanuka oil (Kunzea ericoides oil) has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and lends itself to a large range of external uses.

It is gentle on your skin and has a light texture


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Kanuka Balm 65

Following requests from many regular customers our popular balm is now also available in a large 65g stick.
Especially useful for larger areas of irritated, itchy or inflamed skin such as in eczema or psoriasis.
You can apply it directly without having to rub it in. Put it in the fridge and enjoy the cooling sensation on your skin.

– With high quality Kanuka Oil
– 100% natural
– Easy application
– Carefully selected gentle ingredients
– It soothes and protects


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Kanuka Insect Repellent

After watching cattle, sheep and horses rubbing themselves on Kanuka branches and reading about Kakariki using Kanuka leaves to repel insects we formulated our all natural insect repellent.

Easy to apply roll-on, non-greasy soothing lotion

Tested in Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, the European Alps and New Zealand – including South Island!

– 100% natural
– free from DEET
– free from alcohol
– free from preservatives
– with gentle, organic almond oil