Kanuka Balm 13

A gentle multi-purpose balm with organic ingredients that heals and protects your skin.

It is in a small jar, ready to use and fits in any pocket. Ideal for any outdoor activities that put strain on your skin. It is also a soothing lip balm and supports dry and rough skin.

Beneficial where ever your skin is cracked or inflamed. Use it on scratches and grazes, to calm insect bites or as a foot balm when hiking. It is soothing and protective, helpful for nappy rash or chafing.

Our ingredients are carefully selected to work in symbiosis with Kanuka Oil. New Zealand beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, all with organic certification, form the basis for our balm.

Kanuka Balm has a natural SPF15 which makes it, re-applied frequently, ideal for all outdoor activities.

– With high quality Kanuka Oil
– 100% natural
– Handy jar
– Carefully selected gentle ingredients
– Easy to use

Additional information

Weight 32 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 23 mm

Price incl GST


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